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Posted by streetbackguy - September 8th, 2009

He can kick your ass.

Chris Barrie is awesome

Posted by streetbackguy - July 12th, 2009

Recently a DD member hacked a moderators account on the BBS and banned me and a lot of others for 30 days! THIS IS WHY THE DD FUCKIGN SUCK!


Posted by streetbackguy - July 5th, 2009


Alien Worm Scene(part 1)-
1. Click on log
2. Click on spider webs
3. Click on tree
4. Click on small patch of grass in the cliff
5.Click on the ferret

Alien Worm Scene(part 2)-
1. Click on the gold colored nest of flies
2. Click on frog
3. Click on rock directly center on the screen
4. Click on branch above the rock
5. Click on the branch of the brown tree
6. Click on strawberry
7. Click on water to go into it
8. Click on fish
9. Click on fishing pole line

Now this is where you must choose to be good or evil. You can decide to kill the politician or save him. I will show you the walkthrough for saving him first than killing him.

Path of Least Resistance

Saving the Roach-
1. Use Liam and go the scene on the right (middle scene) and click on the golden mushroom
2. Go back to the scene on the left and use the golden mushroom head on the log
3. Using Reemus go all the way to right where you see bees
4. Have Reemus step on the steaming plant on the top-left
5. Using Liam get a bee and go all the way left and use it on the log.
6. You need 4 bees so go back and forth until you have 4 bees.

Puzzle on the Rock
1. First lets find all the pegs for the puzzle(you have to use Liam & note that the rocks which have the pegs are similar),
a. bottom right
c. center (above b)
d. left top
2. The puzzle is about the food chain, the order is:
_________________Snake__________Rabbit __
_G rass__________

The Cave of the Furry Thingy
1. Using Liam, click on the cabinet to get gelatin
2. Use gelatin on the lake
3. Click on the second stalactite and carefully click on the ones right of it
4. If the beast if woken up, use Reemus, click the green mushroom substance and use it on the furry thing
5. Use Liam and continue to the end
6. Click on the vine below Liam's feet
7. Using Reemus, click on the vine

The Royal Message
1. Using Reemus go all the way right and talk to the guard
2. The game forces you to lose but the keys also fall
3. Click on the keys and go back left to open the chest
4. Using Liam go right and click on a piece of paper like object in the tree
5. Go back left and dip the paper into the goo by clicking on the goo
6. Go back right and click the uniform with the seal
7. Talk to the guard and


Now you can go back and start the game over using a different path.

Path of Aggression

Cutting the Tree
1. Using Reemus go right and get a piece of wood of the plant behind him
2. Use Liam and go all the way right and step on the top-left steaming plant
3. Use Reemus and click on the bee hive to get stick with glue
4. Still using Reemus go left and click the rock that has sharp edges to make axe
5. Go left and use axe against tree until it chops down crushing the roach
Tinkertok and Perriwinkle
1. Use Reemus and go all the way left and talk to the orange bird
2. While he is distracting the bird, use Liam and click on the flag on the orange bird
3. Go all the way right and use the flag on the rock on the yellow bird's home
4. Go left and pick up a white paint flower in the center of the scene
5. Go right and use the flower on the rock where the flag is
6. Ring the bell
7. Go all the way left and finish the scene
Flying Squirrel
1. Use Reemus and go all the way left
2. Click on the branch of the twig
3. Use Liam and retrieve the nut
4. Use Reemus and let go the branch and get 1 of the 2 rocks
5. Go right and use the rock on the hole farthest left
6. Go left again and get another rock
7. Go all the way right and use the rock on the farthest left hole
8. Go left and click on the bottom hole of the blue tree
9. Use Liam and go all the way right and place the nut in the feeder
10. Go left and go back right (Reemus catches the squirrel)
11. Use Reemus and go all the way left and use the squirrel in the air

1. This puzzle is a group puzzle and the pegs need to put in certian groups

a. Crab, Lobster, Shrimp(-like thing)
b. Kangroo, Koala, Rat
c. Penguin, Kiwi, Ostrich
d. Parrot, Hawk, Duck
c. Fish, Shark, Dolphin
d. Bat, Whale, Human

1. Use Liam and get the beaker from the brown water
2. Observe the wall and notice the paint on the left and ride sides on the water fountain
3. Use Reemus and go right where two Statues are, make him stand on one or another
4. One Statue gives red, orange, yellow colors and other one blue, green, purple
5. Fill your beaker with the first color of color on the left or right side on the wall and go all the way to the right until you find a blocked door and two statues with a button.
6. Pour the right colors into the right statue and click the button. Hopefully it will turn green
*I dont know if the colors change but for me,
left: Yellow, Blue, Red
right: green, orange purple*


Posted by streetbackguy - July 1st, 2009



Posted by streetbackguy - April 12th, 2009

so far on newgrounds there arent any clear tutorials on how to make games, so could someone please publish a straightfoward games tutorial?

*UPDATE* So i submitted a flash game recently, and people are lke "dude wtf? you submitted a game and you dont know anything about making games? GTFO N00B!!!111!" well, i havent made games in a long time, which is why i decided to put up my old game on newgrounds for others to enjoy, and i am learning to make more games soon, plus i want people to make clearer game tutorials for wannabe game makers, like myself, so stop flagging my stuff because of this post! >:(